Credit Score

A credit score is a numerical expression based on a level analysis of a person’s credit files, to represent the creditworthiness of an individual. A credit score is primarily based on a credit report information typically sourced from credit bureaus.

Credit Range

Base FICO® Scores have a 300-850 score range. The higher the score, the lower the risk. … While many lenders use FICO® Scores to help them make lending decisions, each lender has its own strategy, including the level of risk it finds acceptable.

Credit History

A credit history is a record of a borrower’s responsible repayment of debts. A credit report is a record of the borrower’s credit history from a number of sources, including banks, credit card companies, collection agencies, and governments.

Financial Education Services (FES)

Financial Education Services has been helping consumers achieve their highest financial potential for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on our Accredited A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau: A representation of our personal commitment towards customer satisfaction.

Our ever-expanding service line is consistently evolving to meet the demand towards a solution for financial issues consumers face today. We’ve covered the spectrum to create programs that can offer assistance to various pieces of the financial puzzle, with easy-to-use programs and the highest level of customer support. By including educational resources along the way, we aim to help you meet your financial goals while also providing you with the tools for long-term, consistent success.

Our career opportunity provides a foundation for individuals and teams that are driven, highly motivated and looking for access to immeasurable success- while positively changing lives across the country.


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Help The Youth of Today Financially Prepare For Tomorrow

Helping The Youth of Today, Create Opportunities For Tomorrow

The Youth Financial Literacy Foundation provides opportunity and knowledge regarding personal finances, credit, and budgeting to students across the United States. Striving to create a future of positive financial habits, the YFL’s mission is to educate and prepare children and teens through interactive activities, events, and scholarship opportunities.

Financial Education Services donates $2 from every FES Protection Plan payment to the Youth Financial Literacy Foundation. As a member, you’ll not only gain financial benefits for yourself but participate in creating a financially prepared future for today’s youth.

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